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Andrew Derby            370-0591        Chair Person
                                                              Police Commissioner
                                                              Ambulance Commissioner

Linda Collins              848-3587      Parks, Playgrounds & Cemeteries Commissioner

Scott Coons                 848-7404       Water Department Commissioner
                                                            Sewer Department Commisioner

Jacques Desautels       848-3554       Highway Commissioner

Sherry Paquette          848-3886        Public Buildings Commissioner
                                                             Ambulance Commissioner


                                                           NWRPC Transportation Advisory Committee Assosciate (2 positions open)

                                                           Trash (shared board responsibility)

Meetings held 1st and 3rd Mondays at 6:00 PM in the Town Hall
(Please call the Select Board Office at 848-7751 Ext. 6 by the Thursday prior)
(to the Monday Meeting to be placed on the agenda.)

©2017  Town of Richford, Vermont

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